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Labor laws
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Hildegard A. Hövel, born in 1955, is the founder and owner of the Hövel & Collegen (Hövel & Associates) law firm in Frankfurt am Main


1981: Bar admission

1984: Founded law firm in Frankfurt am Main

Since 1986: Insolvency attorney in the Frankfurt am Main court 
(The insolvency courts of Offenbach am Main, Bad Homburg and Königstein were added later).

The law firm specializes in handling insolvency proceedings and in providing advice regarding restructuring, recapitalization, liquidation and filing for insolvency. 

Hildegard Hövel has been involved with insolvency law for over 20 years. During this time she has gained extensive experience with planning business continuity and recapitalization both within and outside the framework of insolvency proceedings.

She specializes in business continuity and transferring restructuring across a wide spectrum of industries. In the past, she used the liquidation of substantial domestic and foreign assets, especially from Turkey, to liquidate a small bank in Frankfurt. She has experience with liquidation and transferring in various sectors, including printing presses, publishers, packaging, hospitality, horses, eBay sellers, software companies, car dealerships, photography studios, and service providers such as cleaning companies. Ms. Hövel also has extensive, specialized knowledge in the liquidation of real estate assets in Germany and other countries (England, Ireland, USA and Turkey).  Multiple real estate developers have been liquidated. She has also handled many cases dealing with action in deceit regarding investments, the latest of which were Yimpas Verwaltungs GmbH with 14,000 German-Turks who were deceived and Platan Verwaltungs GmbH.


Representative proceedings:

Deutsch-Schweizerische Bank AG, 
Selectronica GmbH, 
Renn-Klub Frankfurt am Main e.V., 
Yimpas Verwaltungs GmbH
, Nexus Druck GmbH with Nomen Verlag, 
Steganos GmbH, 
Auto-Hartmann GmbH


Memberships & Affiliations:

VID Verband Insolvenzverwalter Deutschland e.V. (Registered Association of lnsolvency Administrators in Germany), 
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Insolvenzrecht und Sanierung im Deutschen Anwaltsverein (Working group in the German Bar Association for insolvency laws and recapitalization), 
INSOL Europe
, Arbeitskreis InsO Rhein-Main (Working committee for insolvency managers in the Rhine-Main region)
, German Bar Association, 
Frankfurt Bar Association
, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht (Working group for attorneys specializing in labor laws)
, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fachanwälte für Sozialrecht (Working group for attorneys specializing in social law)

Languages: German, English

Tel: +49|69-9454846-0
Fax: +49|69-9454846-77
Email: hoevel@rahuc.de