Keep going – but differently

We do everything to ensure that companies facing insolvency can keep their businesses going and to give them a new perspective with a thorough financial restructuring. It starts with “First Aid” – we work on developing a concept that will avoid insolvency and ensure the continuation of the company at risk. Quick action is necessary – assets must be saved. This can be achieved with a realistic plan that places the company on a stable financial foundation and thereby saves jobs. The most significant task is to maintain the customer’s belief that the company is sustainable. Our own accounting department helps us gain a quick and up-to-date overview so we can begin introducing the necessary measures immediately.

The examples we have collected under the heading “From Case to Case” show the broad spectrum of challenges faced in insolvency law. Using the experience we have gained from over 25 years of practice in this field we can help our clients avoid making mistakes.

The last resort: Insolvency

The principle activity in our law firm is the realization of insolvency proceedings that we receive from insolvency courts in the Greater Frankfurt area. First we determine whether a continuation or an insolvency proceeding is possible. If this is not possible, liquidation is unavoidable. As insolvency administrators, we are neutral and are obligated equally to all parties involved.

We place great value on being able to provide our clients guidance in all aspects of insolvency. We are part of a European network of insolvency attorneys, active even across borders.

We are DIN-certified (VID CERT, GOI - Grundsätze ordnungsgemäßer Insolvenzverwaltung and ISO 9001:2008).